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Hult IB School

Project Overview

Elevating Hult International Business School's Online Presence and Student Enrolment through Web Design and Google Ads

Collaborating closely with Hult's marketing team, we devised a fresh visual identity, complete with a modern logo, an updated color palette, and typography choices that reflected the institution's global outlook.

Web Design

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The Challenge

At the time of our intervention, Hult International Business School had been facing challenges with its existing website and online marketing strategies.

Specifically, the website lacked a user-friendly interface, failed to effectively communicate their institution's value, and was failing perform to its own high standards in attracting the best prospective students. Additionally, their Google Ads campaign was not delivering the desired results in terms of click-through rates and conversions.

Paid Socials

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Web Design

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The Particular Method

Our team initiated the project by conducting a comprehensive audit of Hult's existing website. This audit revealed areas for improvement, including slow page loading times, a lack of responsive design, and SEO deficiencies.

To improve the user experience, we crafted wireframes and mock-ups for the new website, ensuring that the design was mobile-responsive, intuitive, and aligned with Hult's brand values, with SEO as a top priority.

Simultaneously, we reviewed and revamped Hult's Google Ads campaign. This involved refining ad copy, selecting relevant keywords, and optimizing landing pages to enhance the campaign's performance. We implemented a data-driven approach, constantly monitoring campaign metrics to make data-backed adjustments and allocate budget effectively.

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The result

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increase in average session duration,demonstrating improved engagement


higher organic traffic within 6 months


Reduction in Hult’s cost per acquisition