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Village of Genal

Project Overview

Revitalizing Pueblo Museo’s display of the Village of Genalguacil’s image: Building Unique Branding and Visual Identity to Attract Tourism and Investment

We embarked on this journey by immersing ourselves in Genal's culture and history. Extensive research and interviews with locals allowed us to unearth the village's hidden gems and distinctive qualities.

Visual Identity

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The Challenge

The Village of Genal, nestled in a picturesque valley, has long possessed immense natural beauty and cultural heritage while remaining relatively unknown to tourists and investors, both locally and also internationally.

The challenge was to reposition the village as a desirable destination for both tourists seeking an authentic experience and investors looking for opportunities.

Logo Design

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Brand Identity

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The Particular Method

Armed with knowledge of Genalguacil’s history and cultural importance, we developed a brand strategy that captured the essence of the town — a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and untapped potential.

To breathe life into the brand, we crafted a new visual identity, starting with a fresh logo that incorporated elements inspired by Genal's lush landscapes and traditional motifs. The logo symbolized growth and vibrancy.

A carefully chosen colour palette, featuring earthy tones and vibrant accents, conveyed Genalguacil's natural beauty and vitality.Typography selections were made to evoke a sense of history and authenticity while maintaining modern readability.

We ensured that the new visual identity was seamlessly integrated into all touch-points, from signage and brochures to the village's official website and social media profiles. A comprehensive brand guideline was developed to maintain brand consistency across all communication channels and future initiatives.

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The result

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increase in average session duration,demonstrating improved engagement


higher organic traffic within 6 months


reduction in Hult’s cost per acquisition