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Project Overview

Elevating Zenbase with Intuitive UX/UI Design and Compelling Brand Assets

The UI design embraced a minimalist approach, featuring soft colour palettes, clean typography, and unobtrusive icons. The navigation was streamlined to provide an effortless journey through the app's automated financial health fixes.

Web Design

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The Challenge

Zenbase, a financial health solution for renters, aspired to provide users with an empowering and user-friendly platform to support their financial well-being.

The challenge lay in creating a digital space that effortlessly guided users, usually renters and property managers, towards financial wellness, while establishing a brand presence that resonated with that very target audience.

Brand Assets

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Brand Assets

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The Particular Method

We embarked on the project with extensive user research to understand the needs and preferences of Zenbase's audience. Through surveys and usability testing, we gained insights into user behaviours and expectations.

Using the research data, we embarked on the design process, crafting a user experience that prioritised simplicity, clarity, and the efficiency that comes with good organisation. We developed user personas for both sets of primary users to guide our decision-making, ensuring that every element of the app resonated with them according to their needs.

Parallel to UX/UI design, we embarked on crafting brand assets that would reflect Zenbase's mission: becoming a trusted partner in managing household finances while eliminating late fees and predatory financing.

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The result

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rise in event registrations compared to previous campaigns


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